MiVoice Border Gateway with Phone Manager Desktop

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Phone Manager Desktop can be used remotely, connecting back to the Mitel Communication Service through a MiVoice Border Gateway (MBG).

Phone Manager Desktop uses the following TCP/UDP ports to operate:


TCP 8187 & 8186
MCS Server
Used to communicate to the MCS server to provide configuration, user data, chat etc.
TCP 8188
MCS Server
Integration Services, only required if client access to the server-side API is required
TCP 2001
MCS Server
Used to provide telephony status and real-time data.
UDP 5060*
MiVoice Office 250
SIP connectivity to the telephone system, used by the Phone Manager Desktop Softphone.


 * Only required when the Softphone is running.

 MiVoice Border Gateway Configuration                                                                                                                                              

Complete the following configuration on the MBG:

  • On the MBG Security -> Port Forwarding page create the following port forwarding rules with the Destination Host IP Address pointing to the IP address of the MCS host:

Do not Port Forward port 5060, use the SIP configuration outlined below


If using a Softphone then configure the SIP device:


  • In the MiVoice Border Gateway -> Service Configuration -> SIP Devices add the required SIP device by pressing the + button below the Device Information label and configured the following settings (in this example the extension number is 1880 and password that has been configured against the device on the telephone system is m1t3l!, replace these values accordingly):         
    1. Enable = True
    2. Set-Side username = In-bound authentication username (1880)
    3. ICP-Side username = In-bound authentication username (1880)
    4. Configured ICP = PBX the SIP extension is configured on
    5. Set-Side Password = In-bound authentication password (Mitel*Server1!)
    6. Confirm Set-Side Password = In-bound authentication password (Mitel*Server1!)
    7. ICP-Side Password = In-bound authentication password (Mitel*Server1!)
    8. Confirm ICP-Side Password = In-bound authentication password (Mitel*Server1!)

This will require a Teleworker licence on the MBG 

Phone Manager Desktop Configuration

To connect a the Phone Manager Desktop remotely, open the Settings page configure the following settings:

  • General 
    1. Default Location = Remote Connection
  •  Remote Connection 
    1. Host Address = External IP Address of the MBG
    2. Override login details = true 
    3. Username = MCS Username
    4. Password = MCS Password
    5. Extension details = User Preferred Method

MiVoice Office 250 Configuration

For Phone Manager Softphones connecting through an MBG, the following setting needs enabling against the SIP Peer on the telephone system:

  • Use Registered Username
  • NAT Address Type = Native

With both MBG, phone system and Phone Manager configuration complete the application should be able to connect remotely.

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