Known Issues

Modified on Tue, 07 Mar 2023 at 04:45 PM

DPAR/IDAreaDescriptionNotes/Work around
MN00537903Phone ManagerUnable to change the order of columns once added when creating a call banner.To work around this issue, simply remove the column(s) and re-add in the order you would like.
MN00584795Phone ManagerCrackling noise on SIP Softphone when using G.711 A-lawTo work around this issue, change Phone Manager Softphone SIP Extensions to use Mu-law.
MN00661458Phone Manager4-5 Second delay when transferring calls with Phone Manager SoftphonesThis has been reported on some sites using A-Law. When experienced, change to use Mu-Law.
N/ACall ReporterExternal Inbound Calls on Non-SIP Trunks Cannot be Cleared Using DashboardWhen using the 'Clear Call' feature of the Grid based tiles on an inbound external call that is not on a SIP based trunk, the call will not be cleared and instead will end up ringing at the attendant extension.
MIVO-937Phone Manager DesktopWhen using the Desktop Softphone on a remote site you may not be able to answer some calls that come via another device i.e. when there is a re-invite sent from the MiVO-250

See KB SO5206

In %appdata%, in the usersettings.xml, change the rewritesipcontact item to be true. Make sure PM is not running when you change the setting.

45035Calls by Agent ReportDEE calls do not count in Calls by Agent ReportCurrently due to the complexity of DEE callflows and the expectation that Agents will not use DEE there is no work around apart from not using DEE with Agents.
Handsfree Intercom calls will not work if the SIP device was created on the PBX as a generic SIP device - only if it was created as a 69xx SIP Device
6900 Support for different ringtones on different call types is only available if the SIP device was created as a 69xx SIP Device, not a generic SIP device, and requires 6.3 SP5 or greater

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