Restart the MCS Services

Modified on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 02:34 PM

MiVoice Office Application Suite comprises of multiple Windows Services, each providing different features.

To restart the system, the services must be stopped and started in a specific order. Ideally, to ensure services are started in the correct order, the server hosting MiVoice Office Application Suite should be restarted.

If this is not possible, please follow the steps below when restarting services (waiting for each stop operation to complete before moving to the next):

Stopping MiVoice Office Application Suite Services

  1. Stop the 'Mitel MCS Watchdog Service' service
  2. Stop the 'Mitel MCS Handset' service
  3. With the exception of 'Mitel MCS WCF Service', Stop all other services labeled 'Mitel MCS....'
  4. Stop the 'Mitel MCS WCF Service' service

All MCS services should now be stopped.

Starting MiVoice Office Application Suite Services

  1. Start the 'Mitel MCS Watchdog Service' service

The watchdog will now start all other services in the correct order.

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