6900 series phones DHCP setup

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Handset Deployment

Once all the preparation work has been completed on the telephone system and MCS, the handsets can be deployed

The information below describes deploying handsets local to the MCS.
We always recommend (where possible) configuring handsets locally to MCS, prior to deploying in a remote location.

For remote deployment of a 6900 Handset where the firmware has not been updated refer to 6900 Handset Diagnostics & Troubleshooting section

There are two methods for deployment:

  • Automatically using DHCP
  • Manually (on the handset or the handset's web user interface)

Configuration Server Setup - Automatic

The easiest way to provide handsets with updated firmware and register them with the MCS server is to use DHCP.

This method should be used wherever possible, however there are some restrictions you need to be aware of:

  • DHCP Option 66 must not already be in use
  • Other 6900 handsets (MiNET or SIP) are in use on a different PBX

Configure the DHCP server: add the IP address or Hostname of the MCS server into option 66. When the 6900 handsets are plugged in, the TFTP server will automatically be configured and the registration process (and any firmware updates) will begin. The phone will reboot a number of times as firmware and configuration progresses.


The 6900 Handsets will also pick up the following DHCP options and use them as the configuration server address (in the order listed):

  • 43
  • 159
  • 160
  • 66

<Click here for:> MiVoice Office 250 DHCP Configuration

If implementing 6900's and MiNET handsets on the same site, disable option 43 and manually add option 66 to point to the MCS server this will mean and option 125 to the MiVO 250: 

  • The 6900 phones will use option 66
  • The 53xx series phones will use option 125

Option 43 is shared by both handset types but disabling this means they go to DHCP options only they support.

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